Friday, March 09, 2007

Mexican genome study results released

Mexican media report today that the results of a gene mapping study of the Mexican population have been released. As expected, we are a mix of different ethnic groups (around 35) and in average about 65% of our genes are not of European, Asian or African origin (i.e. they are Native American), but the results tend to vary, with the highest incidence of European genes in the northern state of Sonora (58%) and the highest of African genes in the southern state of Guerrero (22%).

So, is science helping us answer the question of who are we, or not yet? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

The study took into accounts samples from people in the Yucatan, Zacatecas, Sonora and some other places. I believe it should have spanned most of the country to establish a more precise distribution of what out genetic origins might be. I'm from Coahuila and my town has a higher relation of blond, red haired, blue and green eyed people than the rest of the state together. I don't think knowing our genetic baggage can help us to understand ourselves better, our problems stem from cultural deficiencies and poor education which are not written in our genetic code.