Sunday, December 10, 2006

¡Chivas Campeón! (2-1 vs. Toluca)

Finally, after a long wait the Mexican Championship is ours in the year of our 100th birthday. I'm overflowing with joy right now.

The match was quite a ride, as Toluca scored first and they're known for their sturdy defence. All the details at

¡Chivas, Chivas, Chivas!

They almost kicked me out of the internet café where I was watching the game when Bofo Bautista scored the second goal, as a little shout came out of my mouth without me noticing where I was... ;-)

Now, we'll have the publishing break. See you next week.

Update: The goals below. 100,000 people celebrated in Guadalajara, and a couple of thousand in Mexico City. Not bad for a club with 50 million followers.