Saturday, February 28, 2009

This blog has moved, please update your bookmarks / feeds

This blog has moved to its own domain: , the new RSS feed being at . Why?

After starting in MySpace (of all places) almost 3 years ago, I moved the blog to Blogger to take advantage of better blogging functionality. In March 2007 it was migrated again to Vox so that I could use the more user-friendly interface available there besides being able to post from my mobile device at the time (or so I said at the time).

In reality, I found a pretty user interface, that made very simple to import and display content, but didn't allow for unregistered comments, trackbacks, statistics, widgets, counters, etc., so the conversation didn't grow the way I would have expected. To make matters worse, even though their import utilities are excellent their export tools don't exist, so my content was literally trapped. This, as you can imagine, made me a very frustrated user, especially since their customer service just ignored me.

With the help of a couple of friends I was finally able to free my content, and am now hosting in BlueHost (GoDaddy was out of the question after the cvander debacle). Installing Wordpress was very, very easy and you are now privy to the results. The old blog will remain in its old place, but will not be updated from now on. There might still be a couple of tweaks to be done, but pretty much everything is in place now.

Welcome to my home in the web. Mi casa es su casa. ;-)