Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Continuing with the series of posts of Spanish-Language Rock, Caifanes was the band that revived Rock in Mexico in the late 80's. They started as a sort of Mexican The Cure but started bringing in some influences from traditional music, which are noticeable in some of their songs. After a series of hits, they disbanded in 1995 because of some problems between the Saúl Hernández, the lead singer, and Alejandro Marcovich, the lead guitar. However, Hernández continued and created a band called Jaguares. Some videos below:

Afuera (El Nervio del Volcán, 1994) Notice the prehispanic influence in the guitar solo

Mátenme porque me muero (Caifanes, 1988)
La Negra Tomasa (Caifanes, 1988)
La célula que explota (El diablito, 1990) Notice the mix of rock with mariachi
Nubes (El Silencio, 1992)
No dejes que (El Silencio, 1992)
La llorona (El Nervio del Volcán, 1994)
Aquí no es así (El Nervio del Volcán, 1994)
Quisiera ser alcohol (El Nervio del Volcán, 1994)
Dime Jaguar (El Equilibrio de los Jaguares, 1996)
Detrás de los Cerros (El Equilibrio de los Jaguares, 1996)
Fin (Bajo el Azul de tu Misterio, 1999)
(Bajo el Azul de tu Misterio, 1999)
Como Tú (Cuando la Sangre Galopa, 2001)
La Vida no es igual (Cuando la Sangre Galopa, 2001)
Te lo pido por favor (El Primer Instinto, 2002) Originally a ballad by Juan Gabriel

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