Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1st Matchday Clausura 2007: Chivas-Toluca

A reload of the Apertura 2006 final, Chivas received Toluca at the Jalisco stadium for the 1st matchday of the new tournament. In between the two games Oswaldo Sánchez, former captain, goalkeeper and idol, was sold to Santos Laguna and Ramoncito Morales was chosen in his place. Chivas was also selected by the IFFHS as the 24th best football team in the world, which doesn't sound too bad either.

According to the news reports Saturday's game was entertaining, with Chivas tying at the last minute with a sublime freekick from our new captain.

More information at mediotiempo.com, the video highlights below.

In other news, Hugo Sánchez had his first team training with the national team as new coach today. Twelve players have been called from those that went to the World Cup in Germany last year, and there are 8 players from Chivas.

I really like the new Adidas uniforms. Nike is not providing them anymore as their contract ran out, and the Mexican Football Federation didn't renew their contract for two reasons: Adidas's offer was better and Nike had serious problems meeting jersey demand from the public during the WC.

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