Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mexican hand gestures

I've been asked so many times about certain things I do that I decided to explain.

  1. Extending and contracting your index finger while all others are contracted means yes.
  2. Extending your index finger and then moving it from side to side while all others are contracted means no.
  3. Extending all fingers, then taking the tips of them to your forehead with your palm facing you and doing a movement outward of about twenty centimetres means thank you.
Update: The video is available here.


Rafael Peñaloza said...

We could make a video of that... I have also been asked lots of times about my hand movements!
I would also add:
putting the tips of the fingers together and taking them apart and together again several times means that a place is too crowded.

Chiva Congelado said...

Good idea! You do it or I do it?

Buena organización mexicana, ¡cómo no!

Rafael Peñaloza said...

Yo lo podría hacer hasta que regrese de vacaciones, por ahí del 4 de enero; si prefieres hacerlo antes, adelante; si prefieres esperar a que yo lo haga, con todo gusto ;)